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Monday, June 27, 2005

Separation Anxiety

Bwaaahhhhahhaaa.... please don't leeeavvee meee alllooonneeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Bwhhaa.. where r u guys??? Bwaahaha!!

For the first six months of her life, Arwen enjoyed the attention of new people, smiled at any friendly face and played around by herself.

Then she hit the 7-month mark, and everything changed. "If I made a move toward the door, she would start screaming. I was just racked with guilt every time I had to go somewhere without her."

Kebayang kan, kalo kita harus selalu ada di sampingnya terus, gak mau ditinggal sama sekali, even ke dapur atau kamar mandi. Whooaaaa!! Mamin jadi ikutan nangis :), gak berkutik di samping Arwen. Gak bisa ngapa-ngapain.

Arwen gak mau lagi bobok sendiri, apalagi ditinggal main sendiri, sementara Mamin melakukan aktifitas lain. Baru aja melangkah keluar pintu, Arwen udah teriak, kayak takut ditinggalin.

Awalnya Mamin bingung, kok Arwen jadi dikit-dikit nangis, tapi kalo ditinggalin aja. Ternyata setelah browsing sana-sini, Arwen mulai masuk masa-masa "Separation Anxiety."

Untungnya pernyataan di bawah ini (diambil dari, bisa membuat kami lega :

But as it turns out, separation anxiety is a normal part of his development. "During the first six months of her life, your baby has no idea that she is independent from her parents -- or any other caregiver," says Jude Cassidy, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Maryland, in College Park. That's why most young babies will happily move from one lap to another. It simply doesn't matter who provides the food or the love, as long as it's there.

At about 6 months, however, your baby begins to distinguish one person from another and starts forming strong emotional attachments to his parents and caregivers. He's also coming to understand the concept of object permanence: When his mother leaves the room, he remembers that she left and wonders when she'll return. "When you add these two developmental advances together, you've got the perfect equation for separation anxiety," Dr. Cassidy says.

In actuality, then, his sorrow at your departure is a positive sign. "It's an indication that a child is attached to his parents," says Ross A. Thompson, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Nebraska, in Lincoln. Ultimately, this strong sense of security will help your baby learn to be an independent toddler. In the meantime, here are a few strategies to help calm his anxiety.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice!
To make separation less of a shock, play peekaboo to help reinforce the point that you'll return even if she can't see you. You can also send stuffed animals or dolls on little "journeys" and then reunite them with your child.

2. Familiarity Breeds Comfort
If you take your baby to day care or on a visit to Grandma's, spend time acquainting him with his surroundings. When Diane Kreyer took her son to day care, she allowed a few extra minutes each day to play with Brett and his favorite toy. "Having this same routine made it more familiar to him and easier for me to leave," Kreyer says.

If it seems to help your baby, bring along a security object or two -- a blanket, a stuffed animal, a favorite toy. These items may provide her with a strong sense of safety and connection to home.

3. Getting to Know You
Before you leave your baby alone with a caregiver, make sure he is comfortable with that person. If, for example, a new baby-sitter is coming to your home for the evening, ask her to come over about an hour early and spend some time with your child before you leave the two of them alone together. That way, your child won't feel as if she's being left with a stranger. You may also want to let the sitter know about your child's favorite toys, games, and foods.

4. Rituals of Reassurance
Tempting as it may be to sneak away to avoid a teary scene, resist the urge. It will only undermine your child's sense of security. Instead, create a good-bye ritual that will soothe both of you. When her daughter, Caitlin, was 8 months old, Claire Hewitt developed a special good-bye wave to make her feel more secure. "I'd leave the house, and her baby-sitter would bring her to the window so we could wave at each other. It really helped her come to terms with my departure," says this mom from Manchester, New Hampshire.

5. For Crying Out Loud
It's normal -- and healthy -- for your baby to cry when you leave, so don't discourage it. "The ability to be aware of and express one's feelings is an important emotional foundation," Dr. Cassidy says. That does not mean, however, that you should delay departure. Hanging around trying to comfort him may only prolong the agony. Instead, give your child a hug and a kiss, tell him you love him, and hand him over to the caregiver. Soon enough, he'll stop crying -- and you'll stop feeling guilty.

6. Many Happy Returns
"As parents, we often overlook an important part of the separation process -- the reunion," Dr. Thompson says. "Happy reunion rituals are essential to reinforcing the parent-child bond and keeping separation anxiety in check." Dr. Thompson suggests following your child's cues. If she reaches up to you when you arrive, give her a big hug and just hang out with her a little while before heading back inside. If she waves a toy, get down and play with her for a few minutes. "These kinds of happy returns remind your child that no matter how sad it is when Mommy and Daddy leave," Dr. Thompson says, "it's always wonderful when they come back."

Friday, June 24, 2005

The Growing Arwen 7

Image hosted by Can I suck my foot thumb? Can I? Can I?

Hooeehhh 7 bulan!! Whoaa...Arwen udah makin gede :)

Seperti biasa kunjungan rutin bulanan ke dokter anak barengan sama Naya. Bulan ini berat badan Arwen mencapai 6,3 kg dengan tinggi 64 cm. Imunisasi yang didapat adalah Hib 2 dan berhubung polio sedang mewabah lagi, Arwen ikutan polio 1 Pekan Imunisasi Nasional.

Image hosted by

Di awal-awal minggu masih agak cranky dan males makan, kecuali makan es krim dan yogurt. Tiba-tiba di tengah bulan....ada putih-putih nembus gusi. Hore!!! giginya dah keluar satu. Nafsu makannya pun mulai berangsur pulih. Mamin gak usah oyobik (baca: aerobik) lagi, deh!

Image hosted by

Kalo bulan lalu masih angkat-angkat pantat, belajar koordinasi tangan dan kaki buat maju, sekarang udah mulai posisi mau merangkak maju mundur jatuh. Dan akhirnya sekarang udah fasih merangkak sambil maju. And semua diserudukin!!

Image hosted by Awas! Bayi ngamuk nyeruduk!

Arwen juga mulai bisa mindahin barang dari satu tangan ke tangan lainnya. Udah mau megang dan makan cookies sendiri. Duduknya juga udah bisa sendiri, walopun belum teges banget. Udah gitu, Arwen juga mulai berusaha berdiri dengan berpegangan pada sofa.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Walopun masih geol-geol kayak jeli, tapi Mamin dan Papin dengan semangat terus men-support Arwen, dengan ngasih mainan di atas sofa.

Selain ekspresinya makin banyak dan variatif, ada kebiasaan baru yang bikin orang ketawa yaitu kebiasaan ngikutin orang tepuk tangan dan dadah dadah say goodbye. Mamin seneng banget! Norak ya!!

Image hosted by Moron expression from Arwen

Trus, yang bikin surprise, waktu kita jalan-jalan sama Bubu, Ayah dan Naya ke Ancol, tiba-tiba Arwen teriak "AKU!" di mobil. Hehehehehe...kirain Mamin salah denger, gak taunya Bubu juga denger. Anakku! Anakku! Ya mbok kata pertamanya Mamin! atau Papin gitu lho! :)

Di bulan ini, Mamin mencanangkan rutinitas berenang buat Arwen. Akhirnya setelah ada waktu yang pas, Arwen berenang untuk pertama kalinya sama Naya. Wuiiihhh!! Senengnya dia!! Padahal Mamin udah takut Arwen bakalan nangis. Sampe-sampe Papin semangat mo beliin kolam plastik. Mudah-mudahan, kita bisa berenang rutin, ya, Nak.

Kebiasaan lain, yang bikin Mamin agak-agak puyeng adalah, Arwen udah mulai ngerti ditemenin. Jadi apa-apa maunya ditemenin. Ya main, ya tidur...pokoknya jadi gak bisa ditinggal-tinggal. Apa kamu udah mulai ngerasain separation anxiety, yah? Kerjaannya juga pengen main melulu....boro-boro deh, Mamin kerja di depan komputer lagi. Yah terpaksa nungguin Papin pulang kalo Mamin ada kerjaan.

Anyway....above all that, Arwen udah bukan bayi mungil tak berdaya lagi. Sekarang udah punya mau, udah mulai belajar di sekelilingnya ada orang lain, belajar mengeksplorasi lingkungan dan mulai ngerti dan belajar dia adalah bagian dari kami.

Image hosted by Me no longer mungil anymore??

Monday, June 20, 2005

Catatan Kelahiran

1. Nama : Shaula Charmawendi Ichwandardi (Arwen)
2. Hari/tanggal : Senin/ 1 November 2004
3. Jam lahir : 08.53 WIB
4. Tempat lahir : RS Pondok Indah
5. Berat badan : 2750 gr
6. Panjang badan : 46 cm
7. Lingkar kepala : 30 cm
8. Lingkar dada : 30 cm
9. Nilai APGAR : 9/10
10. Persalinan : Normal
11. Dibantu DSOG : dr. Sawitri Setiati
12. DSA (saat lahir) : dr. Karel Staa
13. Usia 1 bulan berganti DSA : dr. Hinky Satari
14. Usia 10 bulan berganti DSA : dr. Purnamawati S. Pujiarto

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Cipak Cipuk Main Air!

Hore!!! Akhirnya saat ini tiba juga! Setelah semangat banget dari Arwen umur 4 mos pengen ngajakin berenang. Tanya sana sini tentang berenang dengan bayi. Baru kesampaian sekarang.
Saking semangatnya, sampe sempet latihan berenang dulu di kasur, sambil nyobain pelampung :)

Sore-sore, dah dijemput Naya buat berenang bareng di apartemennya Mbah Ade di bilangan Kedoya. Waktu baru mo
nyemplung, Mamin sempet ketar-ketir, nih anak bakal jejeritan kena air dingin. Abis di rumah aja, kalo mandi pake air dingin, dia suka marah.

Tadaaaa! Arwen siap-siap pake pelampung dan........byurrr!!!! Nyebur sama Mamin, Naya dan Bubu, sementara Papin sibuk dengan handycam-nya, Ayah dengan digicam-nya.

Seneng banget loh, dia!! Kakinya langsung cipak cipuk sendiri di air. Sore itu, angin memang bertiup agak kencang dan membawa udara dingin, tapi Arwen dengan semangat berenang-berenang di air, walopun bibirnya udah terlihat biru. Mamin gak brani lama-lama ah, abis udah kesorean, airnya dingin banget dan Arwen baru pertama kali berenang. Lain kali kita berenang lebih siang, deh! Biar Arwen puas.